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Proudly Accepting:


  • Front-of-the-line-pass

  • Member discounts- $50 off diagnostic fee AND 20% off every repair. 10% off new equipment installations.

  • Safer home...electric, gas, oil, or propane

  • Great Value / Special Offers

  • Energy savings (GOLD)

  • Comfort (GOLD)

  • Investment Protection (GOLD)

  • Convenience of seasonal reminders  (SILVER & GOLD)


Make your best choice for Savings, response, reliability, protection, care, and safety.  Service not selling.  These plans offer the BEST and most AFFORDABLE options to avoid costly repair, replacement, loss of comfort, inconvenience, or loss of safety.  These plans are like SMOKE ALARMS, helping to prevent major problems or putting the fire out before it becomes a catastrophe.

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Silver Membership ($11.99mnth or 36¢/day)

  • Appointments guaranteed within 24 hours

  • $50 off diagnostic fees

  • 20% discount on scheduled service and repair

  • 10% discount on heating and air conditioning replacement equipment

  • Special seasonal programs & offers to improve your home

  • Savings of at least $94.00 per year

  • Annual System Tune Up Each Spring

Gold Membership ($17.99/mnth or 56¢/day)

  • All Benefits of Silver Club PLUS:

  • Same Day Appointments guaranteed

  • Semi-Annual System Tune Up/Maintenance Each Spring and Fall

  • Extends life of system

  • Gains peak energy efficiency

  • Keeps system clean

  • Savings of at least $266.00 per year

Insurance Combo  Membership

***Must have active Gold Membership

($29.98/mnth or 97¢/day)

  • FIX ANYTHING through Level 6!

  • No Diagnostic/Trip Fee

  • $70 deductible applies per repair

  • Full Credit toward new system

  • Covers 96% of all possible repairs

  • Savings potential of $890 or more per year

  • All Benefits Of Active Gold Membership

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